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Please send me stories that show the NHS at its best. There are no restrictions in terms of length or style but shorter, punchier articles are often better. The best stories can be informative, uplifting, inspirational, sad or funny. The only absolute requirement is that they are concerned with and champion the NHS.

Stories will usually be about your experiences of the NHS but I may publish some articles about where you think we should be heading. I will try to sort them into appropriate categories so the site will be useful for different groups of people.

It  is important that the stories about events are true but it is acceptable to change names  to ensure confidentiality. Please do not include medical information about real people without their permission.

Use of pictures and other media is encouraged but again don’t identify real people without their permission.

It want to build up the content quickly so will not be too precious about what goes on but I do reserve the right not to put up things that I consider are unsuitable or don’t work with the ethos of the site.

Please send your stories by email to


  1. Today I took my 85yr old mum to hospital for a check on a possible skin cancer. This started 12 days ago she went to see her GP they sent an urgent referral within a week we got a letter telling her to come to hospital. We went today as I said specialist checked the spot on her hand said she was pretty certain in was not a cancer but arranged for it to be removed there & then & for biopsy to be done just to make sure it was not cancer. I cant praise them enough We should be proud we have such a dedicated service Doctors Nurses porters all do there part


  2. Praise for Mr. Holdsworth and his team, also Dr. Piers Lessor, Consultant Anaesthetist, at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary, two years ago, who operated on my seriously ill husband, Bruce, for five hours, on a FRIDAY, night, and found the time to come to talk with us afterwards, when they had all been working all the day before. Mr. Holdsworth came in to see him on the SUNDAY morning. My husband had another long session in theatre a week or so later, and then many weeks of excellent care from all members of staff. After returning home, he had daily attendance from district nurses, and regular visits from our wonderful GP Dr. Robert Vaughan, who, sadly is one of the GPs who are taking early retirement. My grandson is a medical student, and is very keen. I just hope that he will not be disillusioned and that the NHS will continue to be something to be proud of.


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